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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Nutrient Rich Beverage!!!

When we think of drinking a nutrient enriched drink that helps us recover from excercise, we usually pick up a bottle of our favorite sports drink. We use them for the sodium and potassium that our body needs to replunish the lost fluids from exercise. Resistance training produces small tears in you muscles that need protien to help them regentrate and recover from the stress, so we use extra protein shakes like Muscle Milk and Protein bars that can be expensive. These are all good choices for your body after exercise but what if I told you about one drink that can do all those jobs plus:

1. Build strength

2. Beat soreness

3. Refuel muscles

4. Improve performance

5. Help in weight loss

Intrested? The drink that you should choose is MILK!! Milk is a health boosting nutrient enriched drink that really "does do a body good!!" So what is in 8 ounces of milk (low fat or skim milk) that makes it so good?

1. 10% of your DV (daily value) of potassium

2. 30% of your DV of calcium

Potassium and Calcium help build strength in your bones and muscles, so how does it help with soreness?

1. 18% of the DV of protein

As discussed before protein helps muscles recover from the damage caused by exersice. Milk can also refuel muscle becuase it has about:

1. 12 grams of carbs per serving

and as we know carbohydrates is the fuel our body uses during exercise. Milk also has vitamin D that for some athletes like distance runners, who don't get enough of this vitamin and studies have shown that it help improve performance. For women on the other hand Vitamin B3 is vitual for maitaining high mileage which can also be found in milk.

Finally organic milk are fortified with fatty acids like omega-3 that fight inflamation and may help runners recover at a faster rate. So studies have also shown that organic milk can help you control your weight. So the next time your reach for a recovery drink grab a glass of Milk!!!

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