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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Resistance Training vs. Cardio Training

What is the best form of training Resistance or Cardio?
Cardio Training (Running, Biking, Hiking, Basketball, etc...)
Cardio training of any kind burns calories, that is understood if you put on your running shoes and put in a few miles of running each day has the overall effect of burning calories. This is good, but you will need to change your training regularly to continue burning the same amount of calories. This is because your body will quickly become efficient at Cardiovascular training and won't expend as much energy for the same quantity of work, which means less calories burned.
Resistance Training (Body weight, Cables, Tubing, Weights, etc...)
Resistance training is training your body by using some kind of resistance, being it your own body weight, exercise tubing, weights or machines. Many people shy away from this form of training for a variety of reasons. However many studies have shown this type of training is one of the most effective in the fat burning process. Because it creates lean muscle mass and by doing so burns more fat during and after your workout ends.
So with that said everything leads to Resistance training as the number one way to burn fat and reduce your waist line. But here is what I recommend for you if you are looking to start a fitness plan, use a well balanced mix of cardio and resistance training to become a well oiled fat burning machine. Use cardio on days you don't lift weights, or light cardio before and after lifting weights, or finally use cardio while lifting weights for the ultimate calorie burn(interval workout).
Just remember the most effective way to burn calories is to get up and do something whether it is cardio or resistance. I will leave you with this:
Calories In Calories Out Feel The Burn!!

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