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Friday, January 8, 2010

Don't Specialize Too Early!!

We all want our children to excel at something whether it be sports, art, music, school, etc. Studies have shown that if you make your child choose one sport before puberty that their performance level could drop. The reason is because specific muscle groups and skeletal areas are overworked and can result in injury risk, and usually continue in the sports they like longer in life.

For us as parents and coaches we need to remember that our love of sports should not be pushed to our children. Just because you where good at baseball doesn't mean you have to push your child to be a baseball player and only a baseball player. Give them a choice sign them up for what they want to try. A baseball player good benefit from a swimming class, gymnastics class, dance class etc. Give your child the opportunity to be a well rounded athlete, diversity equals success.

Remember if your kids see you doing something they are going to what to try the same thing. The bottom line is that for children the best thing is for them to be active and healthy so as long as there up and moving then you as a parent have already won.

Sports for kids should be fun not a career!!!!

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