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Monday, January 4, 2010

Getting Ready For Competition

When you think of getting ready for competition the first thing you think of doing is getting as much practice as possible right up to the last minute before your game, match, or race. But this could be what is hurting you in your competition, what do you mean you ask? Your body needs rest, food, and fluids to prepare for high intensity work, so by practicing right up to the last day before competition puts further behind than in front of your competitors. So what can you do to get yourself ready for game or race day

1. Rest:

Your body needs rest to preform at high levels so taper your workouts and get a good nights sleep.

2. Begin a tapering process for your competition:

If you have weekly competion a 6 or 7 day plan will work well. If you have 2 or more competions during the same week then you will have to set up a 2-3 day plan.)

3. Carbs, Carbs, Carbs:

Your body burns carbohydrates for fuel so make sure you maximize your glycogen store for a fuel tank of fuel.

4. Hydration:

Don't wait till the night before to hydrate your body needs fluids so never go thursty your body will thank you.

5. Eat some food:

Most people eat 2-3 meals day, this is a wrong way to go about things. For the longest time this is how people always ate Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and shut the kitchen done!! Mistake!! You need to eatevery 3 hours to maintain blood glucose and muscle glycogen to get on the right track for competion and your body working properly.

6. Practice:

Practice what you are what, when, how, you are going to eat on game day. By doing this you can see if your body is going to react strangly to something you eat or drank.

7. Be ready for everything:

Have everything ready to go a couple of day in advance ( food, Sports drinks, snacks, shoes, clothles, and so on) before competion day.

By following these steps you will be ready for your next competion. So get out there and compete!!!

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