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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Home Gyms

With the way the economy is it is hard to shell out money for a gym membership! With that said there is benefits that a gym can give you that a home gym can't. Gyms offer a large variety of equipment to use from bikes and treadmills to pools and basketball courts. I am going to show you how to set up a quality home gym that will get the job done minus the high cost of memberships. Your workout area will have to be big enough to fit one to two pieces of cardio equipment (treadmill, bike, elliptical, or rowing machine), floor room for ground work (crunches, push up, and yoga), and a place to preform resistant training. Cardio equipment can come in all shapes and sizes depending on the price you want to pay! Just remember it is an investment in your health! Resistant training equipment can also be pricey but you can get the job done with a set of resistance bands ($10-15), adjustable dumbbells (10-40lbs)($45-$75), an adjustable bench($75-$250) and a set of Olympic weights with barbell ($100). The floor room is the least expensive and can give you a great workout. You have to have room for jumping jacks, jump rope, squats, lunges, and core work. A home gym also needs things like music, a TV, and DVD and Video equipment. When setting up a home gym you have to think as if you were investing in your health but it can pay off in the end!!

BSFT can help you set up a properly equipped home gym for more information please feel free to contact use today.

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