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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Most important part of fitness program!!

When starting a fitness plan the first step starts in your kitchen!! You have to step up a no fail system!! What I mean is there should be no food that goes in to your body that has no nutritional purposes!! Cheese puffs, donuts, candy, and high sugar drinks are just some of the examples that should not be in a daily diet!! When shopping at a grocery store try to stay on the outside isle of the store for most of you foods. Fresh fruits, vegtables, lean meats, and no processed foods. Plan your day, if you know it is going to be a busy day pack a health lunch and a couple of snacks. This will keep you away from the vending and soda machine! Your first meal in the morning should be breakfast every morning no skipping this one. You should add protien to your breakfast it will keepyou fuller longer. Drink, drink, and when you think your done drink some more, the more water you drink the better your body will function and you won't be as hungery through out the day. By doing these simple steps can give you a head start to a fitness plan!!

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