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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stop The Waist Line!!!

With food portions increasing in restaurants so have peoples waist lines, its time to put a stop to it!! How do we do that you ask? There are a few places to start.
1. Drink water -- Drinking water first of all keeps you hydrated which keeps you ready for exercise. Secondly it washes away sodium that helps to bloat some people. Thirdly it will keep you away from the high calories drinks like sugary juices, and Soda. Water is one of the most under estimated weight lose tools. If water isn't your thing try Crystal Light drink mixes they are low in calories and taste good.
2. Cut those Calories -- You can't lose weight if you don't cut your calorie intake!! Weight lose is calories in calories out. You have to create a calorie deficit or you don't lose weight.
3. Fiber -- Fiber is a diet helper!! Foods high in fiber will fill you up faster and keep you filled up longer. Fiber foods are fruits vegetables and whole grains. Fiber my friends fiber!!
3.Mutivitamin -- This closes the gap on all the vitamin and minerals that you have neglected through out the day. Exercising depletes your body or vitamins and minerals so replacing them with a multivitamin is good for everyone.
4. Intervals -- Adding intervals to a workout helps burn fat and calories faster in turn making you more fit in less time!! The hard work will payoff!!
If you would like help with setting up a plan to Stop the expansion of your waist time contact us today!! Don't weight till its to late!!

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