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Friday, January 1, 2010

Winter Exercise!!

With winter in full swing sometimes its hard to go outside and exercise!! Exercise doesn't always mean you have to pound the pavement or lift weights till your body can take any more, here is a little twist you can throw in your fitness notebook!!

1. Sled riding with the kids

2. Snowball fights

3. Build a big snow man

4. Snow shoe hikes

5. Cross Country Skiing/ Down hill skiing

Sled riding with the kids can be a great hill workout because you can pull the sled down the hill, try to run beside the slide, pull them backup the hill and then jump in and have some fun as well. Snowball fights act as heavy ball throw, also involve some running and a lot of dodging!! Next building a snowman involves pushing, pulling, lifting heavy snow that will give you a fun way to burn some calories and build some strength. The last three can be combined in to a cross training exercise for running snow hikes and cross country skiing is a great way to get a great workout while seeing some great snow covered country. Down hill skiing is one of the most popular things to do in the winter months, it is very demanding on your overall fitness level. It involves balance, agility, strength, and stability.

You can play like a kid and still get a pretty good workout in as well! So go throw some snow!!

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