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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Eat Out With Gaining Weight!

We have all done it! We go to a restaurant, set down look at the menu order a meal. The eat all the bread, chips, and peanuts that are place on the table before the meal. Then the appetizer comes and you finish off the cheese fries just an example! Then 1500-2000 calories later your meal shows up and you down another 1500 calories. So where did you go wrong? What can you do to fix your dinning out mistakes.

1. Eat your regular meals during day

Some people when they know they are going to go out to eat they put off eating anything else through out the day. This leads to eating way to much in the end.

2. The bread, chips, or peanuts

Tell the staff you would rather save yourself for the meal. They will gladly remove the extra calories from the table.

3. Easy on the drinks

Drinks provide a lot of empty calories and lots of sugar. Go for water with lemon or unsweetened tea. If you have to drink something else limit yourself to one glass.

4. Start with a dogie bag

Ask for a box as soon as the meal comes! Then place half of the meal in to the box. By doing this you will already be saving yourself from eating everything on your plate.

5. Share

If you have to eat the meal with a dessert, then pick one you can share with your kids, spouse or date.

By following these 5 little tips you will be able to eat out with success. Remember eating healthy and watching your weight isn't easy but with a plan you can set yourself up for success.

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