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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Attention Coaches, Athletes, and Parents

Well its that time of year all the schools starting training camps for football, cross country teams continuing to train with long runs on the streets, and soccer players running and kicking continuously. Athletes are working harder today then ever before with that said, weight training has become and important part of the off-season programs. Athletes put in the time and gain endurance and strength, then the season comes and most coaches drop the weight room workouts for film room and on field practices. By doing this the athlete gains knowledge but starts to lose the strength gains of the off season!!! So how do we fix this problem? By doing two full body workouts, lasting 40 minutes a week this will help the athlete maintain the off season gains. Any athlete who has not experienced post game physical trauma should preform a full body workout the next day to help speed up recovery process. In-season strength training is meant to maintain the work that was put in but some high school and college athletes may still achieve some strength gains during this period. Important reminder do not push the athlete to hard in the weight room during the season, its about maintains not gains. Regular exercise helps the mind and body stay refreshed so during a sports season with all the information your student-athlete comes in contact with on a day to day basis, they need a scheduled strength training day! With this in mind there should be no excuse not to continue at peak strength through out the season!! Have a great season!!

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