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Friday, September 24, 2010

"Lets change things up!!!!!!"

In a time where people are not moving around like they use to. You know, you have heard all the stories of the old days,"I walked to school both ways up hill in the snow!" or "You kids have it easy you don't have to work in the fields or the factories for a living. The problems that are arising in the world though are heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and laziness. Children do not play outside anymore, no sandlot baseball, football, soccer. They sit inside in front of the TV and consume a bag of chips and a 6 pack of soda before dinner. The down turn in the economy has taken a swing at family involvement, parents are working longer hours to support the household also spending less and less time outside with the kids. In turn children learn by example if they see Mom and Dad exercising they are more that likely to exercise. Schools have even helped with the problems that are forming, PE classes have been cut to where there is little or no participation on a daily basis. Also children are receiving more and more homework in school which makes it hard for outdoor activities when the get home So what can be done to change the negative trends that are forming?

  1. Dumb the Junk foods

  2. Plant a garden with the family

  3. Go to the park or play in the yard

  4. Contact the local organizations for children's activities

  5. Create a family exercise competition

Studies have shown that by 2022, 75% for people will be obese. Children are already dying before there parents becuase of the way we are living. You don't need a TV show or surgeries to lose weigh and become healthy all you need is to get up and do it. If we work together and create a healthy active environment for our families we can change the downward spiral of the world!!

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