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Friday, December 3, 2010

What can I eat?

If I exercise can I eat what I want when I want?

Their comes a time in life where eating what you want when you want starts to be negative to your body type, feeling, health, and energy. Food intake is fuel can a high performance engine run or gas mixed with water. Not every well neither can your body. Your body needs grains, fruits, vegetables, water, and proteins to run efficiently. When you continue to fill up on high sugar, high fat, foods it will eventually start to seizes up and struggle to run properly just like your car.

You need to eat 5-6 meals a day containing a mix of carbs, proteins, and low fat foods.

1. A good breakfast -- not a cup of coffee and a beagle -- Try whole wheat toast, egg whites and lettuce and tomato with a cup of coffee or green tea

2. Snack -- apple, or banana, hand full of almonds

3. Small lunch -- Whole wheat pita, with tuna and spinach leaves, with some grapes and walnuts

4. Snack -- Protein bar (low sugar content) or Low fat yogurt and nuts

5. Dinner -- Grilled (Salmon, chicken, lean steaks, pork loin) steamed vegetables, fruit salad

6. Snack -- Piece of Fruit your choice

Your meal set up will change with your workout of course up try to eat a small meal or snack pre workout and something with carbs and protein after. Play with your meals to find the best results for your body. Just limit the junk food and performance will pick up.

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