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Thursday, March 31, 2011

From the time I was a little kid.....

From the time I was a little kid the opening day of baseball was and still is exciting. Today is the start of MLB for 2011, with some games in a winter watch and may not get started till tomorrow. Seems alittle odd but ok! Nevertheless baseball season is here, little league, high school, colleges have all started playing but something is wrong, where have all the kids gone?? Why is there neighborhoods without baseball teams? Is it that other sports picking up in popularity, to many video games being played, all the negative steroid use in the sport, I don't know.... But I do know that my kids love the game as much as I did and I believe that baseball can still make a come back. We as parents need to step up and get our kids out and playing whether it be baseball, soccer, tennis. To many kids are staying in side on the computers, video games, in front of the TV eating junk and setting themselves up for early death..

So lets get out and enjoy the baseball games in your neighborhoods. Or better yet get out your out dusty glove and throw a few to your kids, or set up a sandlot game like you did when you where a kid. I remember playing baseball in the back yard everyday with my brother and having the best time just trying to strike him out or to out run him to the bases. Now I do it everyday with my sons we set up bases and play games in the yard its great exercise and great bonding with the family. I urge you to get out and play baseball, soccer, tennis, basketball with your kids it will save their life and give you back yours.

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