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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


When you watch children playing all they want to do is run. Whether they are playing tag, running from girls or boys (only when they are young), or playing their sports. Running is a way of life. Running is an activity if done correctly can be done for a long part of your life, it is also one of the best things you can do to prolong your life. If you are looking to get in shape running is one of the best, and least expensive things you can do. Remember if you are starting a running plan start slow and work your way up. Its like building Rome you just can't jump right in a run 5 miles, you will come up limping. You body will take a few times to adapted to the constant pounding but it will adapt and will begin to enjoy. If you want to lessen the pounding on the body you can begin running on grass, woods trails, gravel, pool or treadmill. If you are thinking or starting on any of these surfaces just be aware of you surroundings for holes, roots, and things that my trip you up. I love running in the wilderness, it is one of the best things for mind, body, and sole. So get out and try for yourself!! If you need help starting a plan, or setting one up feel free to contact me. All plans are different for everyone!!

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