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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our kids need help

If you walk down the street or visit the local schools you will notice the problem that we are facing today. We are a nation of over eaters. We are a got to have it now and I have no time to do anything else. This is showing up in the way our children are living and it is not a good thing. When we were kids we came home from school and went out and played in the street or in a sandlot, playing football, baseball, soccer whatever it was. We would go to school and have a Phys Ed class everyday, not once a week. I am not knocking the education system but to cut out physical education is not the answer. A recent article in Jaapa magazine stated that childhood obesity is approaching 20% among USA children ages 2-19. This is causing children to develop diseases like hypertension, dyslipidemia, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and fatty liver disease.

This said the damages can be reversed if we take back our lives. Stop force feeding fast food to our children, put down the sugary drinks and pick up the water. Get outside and have fun with our kids, run down the street and back, hike through the would teach them about plants, animals. Just get up and do something rather than sitting in front of the computer, TV, or microwave.

Another blog from one of the leading personal trainers in the country Todd Durkin stated, "in my work with kids, I am finding that fewer and fewer boys and girls are able to do push-ups or any other body weight exercises."

Folks this is unacceptable. We are letting our kids down in a country that is dying from fast food and no exercise our children can't even preform a proper push up but they can play a mad game of grand theft auto, halo or whatever your kid is playing right now. This is what I am ask for you to do today. Set out a time block of 30 minute and play something active with your child whether it is tag, kicking a soccer ball. that is the round ball in the corner of the closet with dust all over it. Go down to the local park and make up your own workout. (monkey bar climb, run steps, bear crawl up the hill, crab walk, or throw rocks in to the pond whatever get out and do something. Next bring your children home and feed the a dinner that includes fruit, veges, and a lean protein.

I hope that this opens your eyes to the problems that we have in our country, community, and world lets band together and take a step to change the future.

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