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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Does running in the cold help your legs?

Well has we all know the weather is changing and it is a bit cold in the mornings. I was on a training run with a client the other morning and the temperature was around 40 degrees. The question arose does running in the cold help you legs? So I did some searching and also ask my smart wife her professional opinion. This is what I have come up with, running in the cold is good for endurance because it takes longer for your body to overheat. This allows you to go alittle longer as long as you have the right layers of clothes on, you want to be warm but not roasting, that is another topic altogether. Back to cold weather helping legs, if you are looking for the effect you get from a ice bath, its not going to happen. Ice baths help legs recover from a workout by reducing the inflammation in your muscles in turn helping you to bounce back for the next workout. Running in the ice cold does not have the same effect, it takes longer to warm up but you are still creating stress on the muscles that will still need to recover when your run is finished. With all the said running in the cold has some benefits.

1. Get you outside boosting your mood in the cold months ahead

2. Keeps you tone for the upcoming summer months

3. Lastly give you a reason to buy new running clothes for the weather

Some if you like running in the cool or cold weather, continue but don't look to ice your legs while in doing so.

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