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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The New Year is approaching..

Here we go again the new year is upon us.  Its time to make those resolutions about losing weight, running more this year, running that marathon, or change your life for the good.  You get the point it happens every year. You say you are going to do something for yourself, then it happens "LIFE", it stops the best of plans.  Here is what I am saying, you start your new active life, your new exercise DVD, your new gym membership and you are going everyday starting to feel the tightness in the muscles that haven't been worked in years.  Your thinking to yourself I can do this I can stick to this resolution this year I can do it.  Daunt, Daunt, daa.... The kids have a basketball game, you have a late night business meeting, bad day at work, get a cold and you miss a workout and then another.  The next thing you know you missed a week.  Most people would say well I knew I couldn't do it.  I am here to tell you you can.  Everyone starts off like a ball of fire, when they start something new and then begin to fade. That's being human but who said you have to exercise everyday.  When you are beginning a exercise plan for the first time in a long time just try to be consistent. Sit down and write out a schedule the same as a business schedule or a teachers plan.  Say you will give yourself an hour of exercise every other day or every 2 days. WAIT you say I don't have that much time to give and I say what did you do last night after work for 3 hours before you went to bed.  That's right you sat on the couch or in front of the computer and stuffed yourself and watched the latest reality TV show....  So this year give yourself a chance to change the way you approach fitness and just be consistent and realistic.  If you haven't exercised every day then what makes you think you can start now.  I know it goes against everything you read in muscle magazine you skimmed.  You know the one where everyone is airbrushed.  Give yourself a chance and start with 2-3 day and work your way up, you will soon find yourself wanting to do more making workout dates, joining a running group, or just being more active with your family.  Here's to you New Year....   

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