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Thursday, December 15, 2011


Your ready to get back in shape, so you start simple with push ups. Your feeling good but are you setting yourself up for problems? Push ups are a good exercise for the upper body. It targets the pectoral, anterior deltoids, and triceps brachii muscles. A push up is one of the most simple an effective exercise that requires no extra equipment to preform. Yet there are numerous pieces of equipment on the market to supposedly increase the benefits of push ups. You can see tons of programs involving just the push up, but is this a good thing? Is it OK to only preform a push up over and over again without adding in other upper body exercise. Like I mentioned before push ups work the chest, shoulders, and arms but only the parts that people look at in the mirror. These mirror muscles are what most people like to work on because it what get the most notice by co workers, friends, and onlookers (not to mention the magazine pictures). These are lifters who constantly work on bench presses, push ups, shoulder press, and bench fly without taking care of the rest of the upper body. Only doing a routine of pushing exercises day after day will lead to rounding forward of the shoulders, and bad posture. All exercise routines need to have a pushing exercise and a pulling exercise. You have to work the back as much as the front(lower body as well). If you were building a foundation for a house can you only build the front wall without building the sides and back as you go? No it wouldn't work. Your body is the same way, if you built the front without building the sides and the back you will have an unstable foundation leading to numerous injuries and imbalances. So if you want to start working out doing push ups. You need to add a pulling exercise like pull ups, chin-up, single arm rows, or bent rows. By following a well round program will keep you from causing this imbalance problems and causing you to quit on the routine you wanted to start in the first place.

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