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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Everyone needs help sometime

This time of year everyone needs a little help with their fitness, nutrition, or mood.  We all have experienced it short days, long nights and we lose the will to exercise on a consistent basics.  You get up in the dark, you go to work and you come home in the dark.  Some get depressed this time of year for that very reason. Depression can hit anyone and it is a serious disease, it is a deep hole or valley that can suck you down. So if you find yourself in a deep dark place in your life with bills from the holidays plying up, nothing to do, economy going south, everything costing more and more, take a look at things that you can change.  Ask yourself these question what can we do to change this? Is their somewhere I can turn for help? Then get up get out and do something about it. Start a new online business, read that book you been putting off, help out at your church, or just say to yourself I am going to turn this around I love myself and I can do this.   One way to start is getting together with a buddy or two and go to the gym before or after work.  Or take that same friend and join a running group, yes people still run this time of year.  If you need help finding a running group contact local running shoe stores or starting one yourself.  You can also contact me and I can help you but who does that right.  The biggest point to this rant is staying consistent on your exercise plan, may take a little more willpower this time of year but don't fall off the wagon already.  Stay away from the depression bug that lurks during these winter months and on a path that makes you happy.   I know this isn't much but if you need some nutrition help I have added this link to the page from runners world.,8223,3110-6513-RWD,00.html?cm_mmc=NL-Nutrition-_-785782-_-01192012-_-Free%20Nutrition%20Guide

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