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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Give Me The Magic Pill....I Think

Diet pills, weight loss supplements, the magic pill call it what you want but does it work? Can you lose weight by consuming a pill? I will give you the short answer no. There is no magic pill to lose weight. Losing weight takes commitment to exercise, eating healthy, and a good support system. Still diet pills and the market for diet pills are expanding by the day as well as Americas waist line.

Dietary supplements and weight loss aids are not subject to the same rigorous standards as are prescription drugs, which can be down right dangerous. This allows for sale of some pills without or limited proof of the effectiveness and even the safety of that product. Once a pill is on the market though the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can monitor the safety but some times after injury has occurred. The FDA has a website that you can go to for information on the supplements. ( This site show safety concerns and product recalls in the drug industry.

If you are thinking of trying a weight loss pill you need to read up on the company, the ingredients, and consult a doctor before consuming any supplement. A doctor can advise you on the side effects the pill may have with other medication that you are taking for other ailments. A doctor can also help with your weight loss by referring you to a nutritionist, or personal trainer.

Diet pills are made with caffeine, laxatives, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and botanicals that may cause harmful or even deadly side effects with other medications so if you must take a diet pill be careful and consider the alternatives first. Diet pills have been around a long time and yet America's waist line as mentioned before is still increasing at all time highs. Losing weight is not easy it takes will power, a great deal of exercise, eating healthy, and a well laid out support system not just a magic pill to trim the fat.

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