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Monday, November 12, 2012

Just do something

When we think breast cancer we think of the way it changes women's lives,  but men can get breast cancer too. This link http://www.cancer.orgTreatment/SurvivorshipDuringandAfterTreatment/StoriesofHope/lesson-from-the-edge-take-responsibility-for-your-own-health tells about a men who found out he had breast cancer. Cancer is serious in any form but we all need to take control of our own lives. If you are obese or over weight your rate of survival from cancer decreases drastically. A study done in Nebraska found that cancer survivor's who took part in a continued exercise program after chemo their immune systems remodeled themselves to become more effective, potentially defending against a recurrence. If you are thinking of starting an exercise program you must start slow working on these three areas aerobic, flexibility, and strength. Flexibility is a good place to start because you have to get use to your new body. For those who are not ready for more vigorous work you can aleast stay flexible and monitor your surgery side arm for lyphedema and swelling. Aerobic exercise like brisk walking, jogging, and swimming burns calories and helps you lose weight. Which is very important in the fight to prevent the recurrences of cancer. Finally strength or resistance training which helps build muscle mass. When fighting cancer most people lose muscle mass and gain fat. Weight training can be helpful in reversing the lose in muscle mass and regaining one persons strength. Whether you have cancer, had cancer, or at risk for cancer aerobic and resistance training is a good idea just start slow and stay consistent. If you need some help setting up a plan let us know today.

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