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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cancer can it be prevented?

Cancer can it be prevented?

Cancer is a terrible disease. If you have cancer or know someone who has you know what I am talking about. Anyone and everyone can develop cancer.

Cancer starts and grows in our cells. Cells normally grow old and die as new cells are formed. The problem occurs when the old cells do not die and new cells are still  formed, this growth forms a cancer growth or tumor. If not detected can then spread to other tissue.

So can we prevent cancer? We can take strides to but it still can occur in anyone. Cancer is so unpredictable but genetic testing has provide to help so that some people are at a greater risk for cancer. A healthy diet in fruit and vegetables is a great start to taking care of your body to prevent cancer. Some other things are:

1. Cutting the consumption of alcohol
2. Drinking more water, cut down on sugary drinks
3. Losing weight
4. Take your vitamins
5. Staying physically active

Cancer is a serious disease. We are learning more and more everyday but we still have a lot to learn to eliminating cancer form resistance. But if you take care of your body, eat right, and stay active you have a greater chance of staying cancer free.


  1. Thanks for this synopsis of a complex illness that impacts 1 in 4 Americans. For those of you looking for gentle ways to get moving, and especially if you like to workout with other people to nice music please check out We are a non profit educational exercise program with a 12 year track record in major hospitals. Our DVD is coming out in a few months so everyone can exercise with us, even at home. Join our mailing list and we'll let you know when Dancing to Recovery launches. Thanks BSFT!

  2. We share a mission Dr. Eddy, - we are Long Island based and I am happy to learn of your program because we do get requests in Manhattan.
    Thank you Bittinger Sports for addressing the topic, of course I would like Physical Activity moved up the list - weight loss will happen when all the components balance.