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Monday, January 21, 2013

Set up a team

Set up a team

I recently wrote a short article on whether or not cancer can be prevented. You can eat good healthy food, watch your weight, and stay physically active to help prevent cancer but sometimes cancer just happens. In this article I will be talking about what you can do if you are struck with the big C.

Cancer in years past was a life ending disease. Medicine has made strides to slow if not cure their patients with the disease. New medicine as well as radiation and chemo drugs have help thousands of patients beat the big C. But it's having or beating cancer is still not the easy road we are looking for it to be in the future.

When someone is hit with the bad news their world comes to a screeching halt. Everything they were doing gets put on the back burner. Depression and the free of death sets in. Medical bills and doctors visits start piling up and you can't get ahead and you may hit rock bottom.

"Don't give up do ever give up." - Jimmy V

Things you can do to help yourself in a time of need. Form a safe, supportive circle of friends. Lean on them on your bad days and laugh with you on your good ones. Don't hide people are still good they will help of you ask. Find some support groups in your area. Your friends will help but support groups know exactly what you are going through. They may have group outings and things you can take part in that will keep you going. Don't sit and sulk get up and stay active to a point you can't push as hard as you did before your diagnoses. Staying active will help with weight management, muscle strength, increases energy and mood. If you were active before stay that way. If you weren't active start slowly but do sethimg to get moving. Start with flexibility exercises you can do these with little or no exertion but you can still benefit. You and also benefit from aerobic exercise like walking, biking, or swimming some what low intensity but will help control weight loss and help prevent heart disease and diabetes. Finally resistance training will help patients with cancer because they tend to pack on the fat and lose muscle. Strength training helps keep the muscles strong during the process. You can find a cancer exercise specialist ( in your area to talk to or you can contact me at

Cancer is a frightening disease. Don't try to beat it on your own. Set up a team that can help you. Get out, stay active and stay positive. Don't give up!

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  1. Great points!! And perhaps you can give your "team" focus - someone to research the nutrition aspect, the exercise aspect, alternative therapies etc, etc - everyone will have an added commitment to you recovery.