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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Today and Beyond

Does everybody remember about 16 days ago when you said I'm going to lose that 10 pounds, or I am going to exercise more. What ever your resolution was it is probably over or about to be.  It doesn't have to end. We all try hard to stick to our goals or resolutions but in a short time we end our pursuit. Why is that?

Well life is hard, busy, and stressful, and yes it does get in the way sometimes. We sometimes think we can do more things than we are capable of at one time. Or our goals are sometimes just set a little to high without short  attainable goals to use as stepping stones to the end goal.  Hey super mom you can't do everything and do it all well. I know shocker right. It's ok to take a 30 minute break for me time exercise. That's right I said the bad words "me time," you do not need a P90X, one hour workout, or to drive to the gym every day to get fit. You need a small spot on the floor, and 20 to 30 minutes a day, where you can do some simple body weight exercises, stretching, and self message to get you on your way. 

Setting goals for yourself has been done as far back as you can remember. Whether it was getting an A in school or getting married by Thirty. So we all know what and how to set goals but are you focusing on the realistic time you have in your schedule or for yourself. For example if you want to lose weight say 25lbs. You can't lose it in 2 weeks or 3 for that matter. Healthly! You need to set small realistic goals to lose the weight.

Goal # 1
I want to lose 1-2 pounds a week
Goal # 2
I want to cut my sugary drink consumption in half
Goal #3
I want to eat more fruit instead of chips
Goal # 4
I want to be able to do 5 regular pushups by the end of week 2 instead of the pushups with my knees on the floor.
Goal # 5
I want to watch less TV and write a journal or blog entry about my accomplishments for the day.

Once you reach a small goal mark it off and write done another till you have your original goal in sight. We all have busy lives whether it's a job that works you long hours, a busy sports schedule with the kids, a house that never ever stays clean, or the huge pile of laundry that just seems to keep growing. But on that list is your health, your well being, so set aside sometime each day to focus on YOU on you staying healthy, fit, and on the path for reaching that resolution you set for yourself.

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