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Monday, February 25, 2013

We need change not the same old!

I have been reading a couple of books on breast cancer, breast cancer exercise, and cancer treatment. I have also been reading research on foods the cure different dieseases. There is so much information out there but yet the diseases of obesity and cancer is still increasing. We know some ways to control or prevent us from getting cancer yet we still ignore the information. We see reports everyday that eating right or exercising can change your life but yet we still ignore the information. As a health professional I want to change that as a world we should want to change that. Our children are dying or are going to die before us. Yet we let them eat cakes, candy, sugary drinks and so on when ever and where ever they want. We have shows on TV that inspire people to make a change but we remain to sit and do nothing. Simple changes can make a world of difference.

1. We need as mothers and fathers we need to take charge. We need to limit the bad food choices and teach good food choices.  We need to eat more fruits and vegetables. Drink less sugary drinks and more water. We need to show our families that making good choices in food can improve every aspect of your life. Good food intact changes energy levels, mood, and improves your health (keeps the doctor away.)

2. We need to raise taxes. What? That's right we need a tax on junk food. High sugary foods, sodas, cookies, candies, processed foods need a higher tax. Food assistance programs need to stop covering these kind of foods as well. Good food consumption will make a better you and a cheaper grocery bill for all!

3. Get active. Get your family outside, exercise on a daily basis. Limit or do away with the TV and Video games. Never ever put a TV in a child's room. Have a family or neighborhood contest to see how many hours a week you can exercise. Play basketball, tennis, as a family. Walk to the park and play Frisbee, or tag with your kids. Find a new trail and explore it as a family. The sun shine is good for your skin and for your health. Studies show that Vitamin D which you can get from sunlight may prevent cancer. Junk food in front of the TV is killing you and your family. So be proactive and start exercising.

4. Their are no quick fixes. You can not take a pill and lose 30, 40, or 50 pounds. You have to commit to a healthy lifestyle. You have to eat well, exercise, and have a support system to help you change. Bad habits are hard to break that is why you need to do it as a family or community. If you have like minded people around you then you have a greater chance of changing. No quick fix!

5. Write everything down. Everything! Even if you had a bad day write it down. Studies show that if you write down food intake, exercise, and feelings or mood. You will have a better chance to succeed. I take it a step further. I want you to also write down a goal that you want to accomplish that day as well. By writing things down you have a record of what worked, what didn't work  and where you messed up. Write It Down.

We all need to step back and see what we can do as a person, family, supporter, or nation to help change a world that is in need. We have become dependent on fast food and TV. We need to set back and learn how fruits, vegtables, and whole foods can help us live a better life. I need to step back and use my knowledge help more people. Let's make astand to cut out junk and add in real foods to end the increasing number of deaths from dieases. 

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