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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Those dreaded words

As Americans we do a trouble job of taking care of ourselves. We are overweight as a nation. We drink and party every chance we get. We eat everything in sight. It's easier to cook chicken nuggets and french fries then a real meal. We have all been there! We live life hard and fast. Some people exercise most do not. Some people go outside most stay inside and watch TV or play video games.

Then it hits us most of the time very hard. The doctor tells you "sorry you have heart disease, diabetes, or cancer." Could this have been prevented? Did I do this to myself? What do I do now?
The answer is yes.  But why do we all wait till we have the bad news in front of us. You can prevent most diseases just by taken better care of you. So why not be proactive. By watching what you eat, cutting back on the alcohol, getting off the couch and exercising. Its just that simple. Studies show that the more you exercise the more energy you have. It's not the more Mountain Dew or Energy Drinks you drink it is good old fashion exercise.

We should value our lives more. We should want to make that change before we get the bad news. Its as simple as 30 to 60 minutes of exercise 5 days a week. That is the time it takes us to watch one TV show that not only turns our brains to mush but is so violent these days they are not worth the 30 to 60 minutes you give them. So start to take that 30 minutes to change you. Go for a walk, start a walk run program, do jumping jack, body squats, push-up, and crunches.

As for the food we eat we need to eat real food. Food with color and great smells. The greens, the blues, the reds, more fruits, more lean meats. We need to stay away from the cans, boxes, and bags that are processed and harder on our bodies. Stay home, cook a quality fresh meal for your family. Take pride in the meal that you worked hard to serve.  Get a cook book and create new meals in your kitchen with your husband or wife. Set down at the dinner table and enjoy the meal, and the company.

Don't wait for the dreaded doctor to tell you, you need to change your diet. You make the changes today and surprise him or her for a change. Make the doctor say wow. I keep coming back to these words invest in you. Disease can be prevented it just takes you to invest in you.

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