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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Create A Positve Atmosphere

As humans it is hard for anyone to work, play, or live in a bad environment. If you want anyone to succeed you have to give them the opportunity to. You have to create an atmosphere that is positive, friendly, but also competitive. You can't have a program that is always breaking someone down and yelling at them for what they are doing wrong. You have to show them how to do things right. You have to be hands on.

For example baseball is an amazing game. As kids everyone dreams of playing in the majors, some do and some don't. If you play the game or have played the game, you know that no matter how hard you work you are going to make a mistake and drop a ball it happens. As a coach of a baseball team I see it happen all the time. This is where you need to create a positive atmosphere that makes kids want to play, want to stick with it, that want to get back up and get the next one. This is where the ELM tree, the tree of mastery comes in. (I learned this from the Positive Coaching Alliance)

E - Effort - We all know that effort is working our hardest on and off the field whether we win or lose. You want to know that you gave everything you have that given day.

L - Learning - You as a player, coach, teacher, mom, dad, whatever it my be, want to always be learning. Day in and day out you want to improve yourself. Wake up with the question, "What am I going to learn today?" This allows us to get better at what we do. This makes the whole process work.

M- Mistakes- We are human we are going to make mistakes!! Mistakes happen every day. We have to learn how to bounce back from those mistakes. Mistakes are part of learning. You can't go in to something being afraid to make a mistake. You won't learn that way either.

If you create a positive atmosphere to allow kids or adults for that matter to want to try hard, that want to get better, that are always learning, then you will start to see it on the score board. You can't be afraid to start something because you are afraid to fail or make a mistake. Instead learn from the mistakes and make yourself stronger for it. So the next time you are playing for your team, starting a new diet, or workout remember the ELM tree. If you put in the Effort, always ready and willing to Learn, and are not afraid of make a Mistake then you will succeed.

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