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Saturday, January 18, 2014

I want to be a better hitter!

When we talk about baseball the first question is have you ever hit a homerun. If we are watching MLB baseball games we want to see someone hit a homerun. As batters we want to be the one to hit the homerun. But hitting a homerun is not easy, hitting a baseball for that matter is not easy. So how can we get better at doing something that is hard. Well it takes practice. We have all heard it said before hitting a round ball with a round bat is not easy. If you want to be a good hitter you need to know your own swing inside and out. A good way to do this is to set up a video camera and record your swing. This will help you study your swing. Checking for problems. If you do not know what your swing looks like or feels like then you can not make the adjustments needed when you need to. Every player needs to make adjustments. Pro players make many adjustment between at bats to help them improve the way they attack the baseball.
As a hitter you have to remain balanced. You can hit a baseball if you are falling down on very swing.  If your foundation is weak you can not  produce strong power. Just like a house with a weak foundation. You will have structural problems if the foundation is not built strong. Start in an athletic comfortable stance. I have said before in other posts that you should be about shoulder width apart. Knees should be inside the foot. When you stride forward you need to start the back knee forward as well but the foot should remain on the ground until the front foot has landed. This creates a strong balanced power shift to the baseball. I good drill to teach you to stay back is the tennis ball bonce and hit drill. Step up in your normal batting stance. Have a partner set up 10-15 feet away. The thrower will throw tennis balls to the batter but they will bounce the ball about half way to the batter so that it bounces up for the hitter to hit. This simulates an off speed pitch but teaches the hitter to stay balanced and back. As for the hitter, you take your normal first stride as the pitch is thrown. Making sure the front foot gets down before the back leg comes up. As the pitch bounces your front leg should be straight. Then the hands, back hip, and back foot explodes on the ball. Make sure you swing through the ball making contact and following through. Hand remaining high through the contact zone to hit a solid line drive. Hitting is and art. It takes practice to be a great hitter. Study your swing. Get into a practice routine using a batting tee so that you can practice somethings on your own. Work on having a strong foundation to produce power. Finally keep you hand high and back, Keeping the bat head up though the hitting zone. If you would like me to look at your hitting video send it to If you want to stay updated with new information signup for emails. Like us on facebook, and twitter.

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