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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Let's get bigger like the Pro's!

It's a new year and everyone has made their resolutions to lose weight and get in to better shape. But for some baseball players it is the time of year to be adding weight and preparing for the grind of the season. What you said adding weight? Right?

Yes, players especially the younger ones try to gain weight this time of year. The baseball season starts in February and runs for some teams in to November during that time players have to make sure that their body is ready for the grind.


Take Bryce Harper for example in a article from the Sweet Spot ( said, "I'm excited to take a month off, that's something I'm excited for, let the body rest. Let the body heal a little bit and get as big as a house. ... That's the biggest thing I try to do."

"I want to go into spring training about 240, 245," said Harper, who weighed around 218 pounds at the end of the 2013. "I'll lose about 20 pounds during the season."

Now we all can't be as big as houses and get away with it but if want to bulk up you need to add calories, protein rich foods and a proper strength training plan to make sure you gain weight in the right way.

Some protein-rich snacks are 1. High-protein energy bar 2. Low-fat chocolate milk 3. String cheese and almonds 4. Protein shake

Your not going to go out and play a 162 game schedule for the most part but you can improve your game as well by adding some weight in the off season. If you put in the work now you will continue to improve during the season as well. It's all about commitment, dedication, and will power. Here are some things you can do to get on the right track.


1. Write it down. This helps you keep track of the calories you have put in.
2. Monitor your weight, measurements (arms, waste, thighs and chest). This will give you a reference point for your work.
3. Eat healthy food, protein rich, stay away from the processed junk! Even though you are gaining you still have to eat right.
4. Lift weights at least 3 days a week (focus on strength building, explosive exercises, be balanced front and back, and hit your core and back
5. Remember you are a baseball player not an endurance runner. If you run for distance make sure you also work on sprints, change of direction sprints, and start and stop sprints. You need to stay explosive!
6. Flexibility and joint integrity are also very important. You are gaining weight and muscle you want to keep your range of motion as well.


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