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Monday, December 8, 2014

What is Bat Path?

Lets Learn About Bat Path

Everyone likes to hit a baseball hard and far. But when it comes right down to it you need to crawl before you walk and walk before you run. You have to learn the mechanics of the baseball swing before you can hit the ball hard. In order to hit a baseball consistently you have to have a good path to the ball. This is called having the correct bat path. The bat path is your route in which your bat takes to hit the baseball. As in the image below you can see the hand start close to the chest. This image the hands are alittle lower that I would like them to be but to each their own. Then the swing is started with the hands going back as the hitter begins to load.  Next the front shoulder and front hand the pulls the knob of the bat down and through the hitting zone.
This creates the bat path or swing path.  A proper swing path gets you into the hitting zone quickly and stays in that zone as long as possible. The longer the bat is in the hitting zone the better chance you have to hit the ball more consistently. The longer your bat path stays in the hitting zone, the less perfect your timing needs to be to hit the ball hard and far which is our main goal. If you have watched the Giants vs the Royals in the World Series you have seen Hunter Pence and Pablo Sandavol. Their swings are both completely different from each other in the beginning but they both get to their bat path and stay through that path to contact. Making it very difficult to get them out.  In the 2012 World Series Hunter Pence hit the same pitch 3 times in one swing because his bat path through the zone.
The video shows first hand that by creating a good bat path to the baseball you have more of a chance to make contact with a pitch.  It takes practice, constant improvement and adjustments to get you swing mechanics right.  Taking swing off a batting tee in the high, low, and middle ranges will insure you are making the adjustments to the different level pitches.  As with everything nowadays technology has made it easy for us to check our path to the ball.  Zepp Labs has created a sensor that goes on the end of your bat and tracks you bat path. Visit For More Info
With this sensor you can take your normal swing during tee drills, one handed drills, live batting practice and even games. This will allow you to have a more productive practice and will show you where you are lacking in your path. The proper swing comes with a lot of swings in the cage but when you get there you will but in constant contact with the baseball. Good luck and Always Look to Improve!

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