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Bittinger Preformance Institue is a comprehensive site that allows you to find updated information to lead you to a happy and heaither new you. You can find training tips, nutrition advice, product reviews, and personal opinions that will help you achieve your goals.

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Training Plans

Our programs are put together to watch you improve and destory your goals. Each program is designed for you in mind. you will not find a cookie cutter workout here. We will talk to you one on one and form a plan around discussion. The rates are $25 Dollars Per/Hr for in person training and $25 per month of on line training.

Online and In-person

Monthly online sessions and 1-2 in person sessions per/week/per month. You will recieve a monthly plan to follow as well through your email. 


Team Fitness (3-10 teammates)

1 In-studio group session each week. Trainer will push you to your limits. As your training team mates take a break, Combine with a monthly calendar to follow on your own working via online instruction. 

Ranking boards will be posted at the end of the each month to see who's the most improved!

$160 per teammate

Sports and Fitness Training

In-person sports and fitness session consists of a trainer that will push you to your limits with a strength and agility session. Combine with a session of sports specific training (baseball, softball, running, and basketball. There will also be a monthly program to follow on your own working out via online instruction. 

$25 Per Hr

One one One Personal Training

Trainer will push you to your limits. These sessions will be preformed outside in local parks and on local tracks. The cost is $25 dollars an hour. 


$25 Per Hr

Online Personal Training

My online programs are specific to the health and fitness goals of my clients and tailoring an exercise and nutrition program to meet their individual needs. They are the backbone of our company.

After filling out some preliminary paperwork, you will receive a customized exercise program, including strength and cardiovascular training. All exercises will be explained in detail and links to video demonstrations included where relevant (note that these videos are private and only available to my Online Personal Training clients). You will also receive a link to a private group on Facebook where you can receive more inside information.

We’ll chat daily and weekly to review your progress, make your exercises more challenging and find solutions to any obstacles you’re experiencing. You can expect to receive a brand new program every month. I will send you frequent reminders and motivational pick me ups in your email, social media platform.
Cost is $25.00 a month.

If you have any question or would like to signup for one of these programs please email me at

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